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Funding Options

About Funding Methods

BelFX clients can deposit through credit card from any country around the world.

If a preferred funding method is not yet available our team will take your requests for a new funding method into consideration and if possible accommodate your need.

For requests kindly email us at info@belfx.com

Deposit of Funds

To deposit funds into your BelFX trading account, first you need to login to the Members Area, click Deposit from the menu, and select your preferred payment option. There you will receive clear instructions about the necessary steps and details. All deposits (excluding bank wire transfers) are instantly accepted allowing immediate trading to verified clients.


BelFX accepts no deposits from any third parties. Payments can only be made from accounts and/or credit cards that have the same name as your BelFX Trading Account.


1. Log in to the client’s area and choose “deposit funds”.

2. Select the payment method.

3. The payment method appears on your screen. Enter the amount you wish to deposit in your account and click “continue”.

4. Insert your card details or your e-wallet account details and click “continue”.

5. You will receive a confirmation message on your screen that your payment has been processed successfully.


Withdrawal of funds is only available to clients who have uploaded their supporting documents and had their trading account validated. Clients can log in to the BelFX Member Area to upload their supporting documents (proof of identity and proof of address). Once Trading Account has been validated, Clients will be able to withdraw funds.


Log in to the client’s area and choose “make withdraw”.

Select the account from which you wish to withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw and submit the request. The client can only withdraw up to the amount available in their trading account at the time of requesting the withdrawal.

The relevant Department will receive your request and proceed within one (1) working day. The requested amount will be deducted from your trading account.

Withdrawals can take up to 48 working hours to be executed. However, the time needed for the funds to reach your account may vary, depending on your selected payment method. More information can be found under ‘Payment Method Information’.


To protect all parties against fraud and minimise the possibility of money laundering and/or terrorist financing, BelFX will only process withdrawal/refunds back to the source of the original deposit.

Withdrawal/refund of any amount exceeding initial deposit will also be processed using the same method unless the payment provider does not allow such processing. In this case funds will be sent by an alternative payment method approved, verified and/or suggested by BelFX. Under rare circumstances and in line with internal policies and practices BelFX may choose bank wire as the only way to send profits back to an account holder.

Withdrawals / refunds will be processed in the currency of the original deposit. In case that the account currency differs from the withdrawal/refund currency, the transfer amount will be converted into the transfer currency at the BelFX prevailing exchange rate.

Commission might be charged by certain providers as per table above however under no circumstance is the commission charged by BelFX.

Method Currencies Commission Processing Time Withdrawal Commission Withdrawal Processing Time


Up to 48 Business Hours FUND HERE
EUR,USD,GBP,JPY,RUB,PLN 3.9% (min $1) Instant 2% (min $1, max$30) Up to 48 Business Hours FUND HERE
USD 2.5% + $0.35 Instant 1% Up to 48 Business Hours FUND HERE